Breakthrough Crypto Tech Applied to Healthcare |

Breakthrough Crypto Tech Applied to Healthcare

Robomed Network is preparing ICO on November 15, 2017

The Initial Coin Offering will be launched soon in the healthcare market by Robomed Network. Robomed Network, the international company, headquartered in Singapore, is starting a presale of Robomed Tokens (RBM) on October 25, 2017.

This project was designed by Filipp Mironovich CEO at Robomed Network, the founder of several projects in medicine, finalist of the EY 2015 “Entrepreneur of the Year” award with 7 years of successful entrepreneurship in the medical market. Mr. Mironovich founded the Robomed Network two years ago with a host of international partners, and the company chose a business model driven by blockchain technology.

Robomed Network mission is bringing equal healthcare to the world.

The achievements of Robomed Network so far are:

- 3 software products developed;

- 20 clinics connected;

- 1,7 mln clients in database;

- 2900 clinical guidelines digitalized;

- Actual doctors get paid at this moment for treating patients according to guidelines.

The new digital financial instrument is pegged to a global blockchain platform Ethereum. The customer needs first to buy Ethers using a bankcard, and then exchange Ethers for RBM Tokens. More details are available on the official website

Ethereum platform was chosen due to its immensely popular and unique features. The Ether Token contains a smart contract — a special program that describes the terms and outcome of a bargain. No human action is involved in the conclusion and verification of a contract. This peculiarity of the Ether Token is fully consistent with the goals of the Robomed Network.

“The objective of our currency is not to make money in the stock market by boosting the market price of our token, nor to profit from currency mining”, — comments Filipp Mironovich. “Our project is aimed to improve the healthcare market, protect patients’ interests and increase physicians’ motivation. We assume the role of a decentralized and transparent insurance company with no army of controllers and consultants. Medical centers implement our smart contracts openly, in real time, and with no room for fraud or distortion of information pertinent to treatment.”

It is planned to canalize 70 percent of all the money raised by this ICO to a special stabilization fund in order to pay to the participating clinics for patient services rendered.

Customers that purchased RBM Tokens during the ICO will be able to use them to pay for a smart contract linked to a specific disease and based on the best international treatment practices. Price may vary depending on country and city.

The value of the RBM Token will be determined by a balance of supply and demand of smart contracts at the world’s leading online marketplaces where crypto currencies are sold. “According to our business plan, by the end of 2019 about 250,000 patients will use our smart contracts”, — says Mr. Mironovich. He believes that speculative demand will start to ebb away at that point, and a stable cash flow supporting the value of the internal currency will be generated.

In the course of the RBM presale, a number of corporate executives declared their readiness to invest in the new digital currency. Among them are the top managers of Medavis, a leading European company in the field of the medical IT industry.

“Our concept and approach have already proven their effectiveness. All software is ready to go. Our ICO pursues only one goal: to raise money exclusively for the international expansion of our business. We have no doubts in the success of our project,” — says Mr. Mironovich.


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